Tracked or Wheeled, These Mobile Conveyors Maximize Profit


With the specific mission of maximizing stockpile and capacity, the Anaconda TF tracked conveyor line is engineered to reduce operating and maintenance costs while increasing total loading capacity. These units allow for an entire operation to be managed by one operator eliminating the need for manpower; cuts out the need for additional loaders; and saves on fuel consumption costs. With the ability to cope with a constant feed, these units can also be paired with a screen or plant to improve production further.

Anaconda's Tracked Mobile Conveyors

  • Superior build quality and rapid set-up time which go hand in hand with competitive pricing and versatility. Anaconda’s TR100 can be easily transported on a low-loading trailer and shipped worldwide with a focus on cost-efficiency. The TR100 hydraulically folds the head and tail sections as standard in order to get the conveyor in the easiest possible transport position. The only dismantling that is needed is removing the feed boot before folding the rear meaning that within 20-30 minutes of the conveyor arriving on site it can be tracked from the transport trailer and operational.

  • The smaller tracked conveyors, TR75 and TR60, are engineered to significantly reduce operating costs while increasing stockpile capacity. The additional benefit is exceptional build quality and rapid set-up time which goes hand in hand with competitive pricing and versatility. Both units hydraulically fold and are tracked into and out of the container without any dismantling. 

Anaconda's Wheeled Mobile Conveyors

  • The ST80 has an 80 ft. conveyor belt which allows for substantial stockpiling while minimizing the costs incurred by the end user. As well as eliminating costs, it also saves on manpower as it cuts out the cost of double handling such as a loader or excavator being needed to transport the finished product. The conveyor can come on fixed wheels or radial powered wheels giving the end user the decision to create conical or kidney-shaped stockpiles. The major difference between the ST 80, ST60, and ST50 is the conveyor length.

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